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Sponsored Snow-sports

Welcome to the dedicated Snow-sport section of our website. Protection in all disciplines is now essential, and the nature and design of the Forcefield range make it ideal for the snow sports world. If you are a Competition Boarder, Champion Skier or going on a snow sport holiday for the first time, make sure you are protected with Forcefield. This Section of the site is to support our partners and provide relevant and interesting articles about the sports and products. Forcefield prides itself on its relationship with up and coming stars of the future. Listed below are snow-sport athletes endorsing our products. Check out the profiles and interviews to find out more.


We are very proud to be the official supplier of body armour to the Great Britain Snowboard and Ski teams, in a 3 year deal, they have chosen Forcefield over the competition and our armour will be used by the squad at the 2010 Olympic games. We sponsor Tracie Max Sachs, she is the FIS world cup Female Speed Ski Champion, reaching speeds of almost 150mph! Tracie has used our product for 3 years now and it has become a favorite part of her kit! For speeds like that you need the ultimate protection.

Tracie Max Sachs

Visit Tracie's website for more information about her and her record-breaking career

“I particularly love the padded shorts. They are so comfortable, and the low profile is really perfect for wearing under my speed ski suit. The other racers were surprised when I told them I was wearing protection, because it really wasn’t noticeable. I love them so much, I’m even wearing them when I am free skiing and not racing. I have had a great start to the speed ski season. In Austria, I came in first place, and in Canada I won all 3 races!!!!
Actually winning all the races in Canada was a double feat for me. It was there that I broke my coccyx and sacrum bones last year. I had a little extra confidence going into this race, knowing that I had better protection on”

The 2007 Salomon Freestyle UK Ski Team are also using the Forcefield Sport-lite back protectors and the Action shorts. Extreme sports need the most extreme protection- this is why they choose Forcefield!

Pat Sharples
*Salomon Freestyle Team Manager*

“As the tricks we are doing are becoming more dangerous, we need the ultimate protection for when things go wrong. It is not always deep snow, some landings are rock hard and your body needs extra protection- Forcefield Body Armour does the trick and we can rely on it” 

TJ Baldwin
*GB Ski Team Member*

Click here for an interview with TJ (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader).

Don't forget to visit TJ's website for more information about him and his career.

Mark Telling
*Alpine Ski Racer*

Click here for an interview with TJ (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader).

Luke Potts
*BASE Freeride Team*

“I am very impressed with the Forcefield Kit, it is fantastic. It feels very comfortable and breathable and I feel safer wearing it. I have been wearing the shorts and back protector all the time. Other racers have been trying them out and have been very impressed”

Click here for more information on Luke.

Jenny Jones
*competition snowboarder*

“I have been using Forcefield Shorts for the past two years and have found them extremely beneficial. As a competitive snowboarder I am constantly practicing on pretty big jumps and learning new tricks can be painful. There has been many a time I have fallen, mostly on my butt and my shorts have definitely made the impact of the fall a lot less painful. Safety is important but I am also a girl and don’t want to look any larger than I am, which is something that puts women off wanting to wear pads. These shorts you hardly notice underneath your trousers and are by far the most flattering compared to other designs I have seen and tried. I have worn them in the winter season and glacier riding in the summer and have found them breathable and easy to move in. I genuinely never snowboard without them”

Click here for more information on Jenny

Laura Berry
*competition snowboarder*

Click here for more information on Laura

Andrew Collin
*competition skier*

Click here for an interview with Andrew (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader).

“In my opinion, Forcefield Body Armours are the best around. Their technologies allow for comfort and style as well as excellent protection. I use the lower Lumbar Protector every time I step onto a mountain, and within 5 minutes of wearing it, it moulds to my back and feels like I am not wearing it. This back protector has saved me many times from serious injury, which I am grateful for”

Click here for more information on Andrew

Sam Cullum
*competition snowboarder*

“I have used many products that are meant to "protect" you from falls on the slopes but none of which have really made a difference, I started using a forcefield back protector earlier this year and its made all the difference to my riding in many ways. I have full confidence in the gear and having put it to the test on a few occasions in which it didnt let me down.”

Click here for more information on Sam

Will Peddie
*Competition Snowboarder from Steamboat Springs, Colorado*

Discipline:      SBX/SL/GS

Competition Level:

NORAM   - Prequalified 2008-2009

Revolution Tour  - Prequalified 2008-2009

Grand Prix   - Prequalified 2008-2009

Jeep King of the Mountain

Previous Results:

2008 – I became old enough to compete in Revolution Tour events and got 4th place in my first open class Boardercross race. After that I got a 21st and 22nd in the other Revolution Tours. I got a 13th in a NorAm Boardercross and finished the season with a 23rd in the Junior World Championships in Valmalenco, Italy. Then I came back to the states and won the USASA Nationals for Boardercross with ease. During the first week of June, I stayed in a house with a group chosen from Junior Worlds and other FIS events over the year and we trained with the US Team to fine-tune my skills and learn more about the physics of the sport.

2007 – Finished either 1st or 2nd in every Boardercross race except for a 6th place that I received after falling trying to pass in the finals during Nationals. I also got 6th place in the Slalom during Nationals and a 9th in Giant Slalom

2006 - Completed a 100% 1st place winning streak for all BoarderCross races, INCLUDING USASA Nationals. Also, placing 4th in Slalom and 15th in Giant Slalom placing 6th in Overall Alpine Ranking.

2005 - Raced in first BoarderCross course ever. Qualified for Nationals for BoarderCross, Giant Slalom, and Slalom. At Nationals, placed 9th in BoarderCross, 30th in Slalom, and 50th in Giant Slalom, placing 38th in Overall Alpine Ranking.

2004 - Competed in first snowboard competition and came home with first bronze metal for Giant Slalom and placed 5th in Slalom.

2008-2009 Goals:

My major goal this year is to make it back to Junior Worlds and get my name out by making it on the Podium this year in Nagano Japan.

I plan to dominate in the Copper Series Open Class as well this year and hope from there to make it on to the PacSun team

I also intend on getting at least one gold in the NorAm's and/or the Revolution Tours for this year.

Competing in USASA regionally in the open class, I hope to podium at least 3 times…hopefully the guy on top with the GOLD! 

Jesse W. Robson

*Competition Skier from Redwood Meadows, AB Canada*

  After growing up racing, I have spent the last five years pushing the limits both competing in Big Mountain competitions, as well as coaching the next generation of freeskiers.

  In the summers of 2006/07 I was part of the BASE freeride team out of Wanaka, NZ and soon made the decision to move to whistler for the winters. Now full time with the Whistler ski school, I work with many different age groups with private and freeride lessons. I also work as a trainer for park and pipe sessions for other instructors and jump in the weekly 7/11 Fire and Ice show.

  I plan to continue skiing as I go back to school and study both business and marketing in Vancouver. This will allow me to travel the Pacific North-West during the winter, as well as continue with the Fire and Ice show.


 CSIA   - 3  
            - Park and Pipe
 CSCF - 1


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