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Motorcyclist Magazine March 2007


Here's the benchmark by which all back protectors should be judged. A triangular structure molded into the soft outer Armorflex skin dissipates impact energy more evenly than hard stuff, regardless of where it gets hit.
   Underneath, layers of shock-absorbing Nitrex foam slow impact energy to less-damaging levels. The combination transmits less force to fragile human bits beneath than anything else we've seen. Tiny holes admit enough air to keep the wearer reasonably cool. An elastic belt and shoulder straps keep the marvelously supple arrangement in place with minimal tension. Much thinner than you'd expect for such world-class protection, the Forcefield slips under tight leathers without becoming an encumbrance. It's CE-approved to EN1621-2:2003 and EN340:2003 standards, and is available in sizes XS to L.



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